Clickfunnels Sales Funnel & Landing Page Builder

Why Clickfunnels?In today’s digital age online businesses are flourishing everywhere. Even if one has an offline business having an online website for the same has become an absolute necessity in order to cope with the cut-throat competition. In such a situation, it is very important that’s you manage your online website in the right way so that you can turn maximum leads into your customers. Online business is a fairly new concept and therefore the rules of it are still not clear to many of the businessmen out there. The main thing about online businesses if that one simple mistake can cost you a lot, therefore, it is very important that you take every necessary step in order to run it successfully and promote your products and services the way it should be.

If you are willing to boost up your online business and sales, then you should know that there are several programs available out there that can help you with the same. The main point is that you have to choose the right program for your online business.

Speaking of online business aid programs, there is this program  that can help you run your online business successfully. This is one of the sales funnels programs that can help you run your online business smoothly. It provides a hoard of features to its users, which make their work all the easier. In comparison to other sales funnel tools available out there is to be the best. Today, in this particular review we are going to discuss every important detail about the program. For the ones who have an online business to run and wish to increase their sales should definitely give this particular review a read.

An overview of clickfunnels

Russell Brunson is the brain behing the invention of clickfunnels. From the time, he has introduced this very program to us, millions of users worldwide are joining in because of all the features it provides. Clickfunnels is basically an online sales funnel builder. This particular program helps online businesses increase their sales and thus, allows businessmen to sell their products online. With the help of this program, you can market, deliver and sell your products and services online. This program gives its users with various funnel options that help them to market, deliver and sell their products successfully. The program provides funnel options which come pre-built for a specific type of business, service or product.

With the help of clickfunnels it becomes extremely easy for a business owner to create sales and marketing funnel right from the scratch which has all the necessary and effective elements in it in order to run an online business successfully. If we talk about traditional funneling then it basically means that it requires you to deal with landing pages, hosting website email autoresponders and much more. All this requires a lot of effort and skill for a person. Not only that, but traditional funneling is also very time to consume and expensive at the same time.


But with this landing page builder all of these become a child’s play. That’s because clickfunnels incorporates all of these along with extra features into the funneling option. This allows a user to have all of it in a comprehensive package. This basically means that a person doesn’t have to deal with all of that one by one. As long as you have clickfunnels, it ensures of one thing that you and your online business have all that it needs.

Clickfunnels features

This particular program is also known to come with a hoard of features. All of these features that clickfunnels provides do the work of a user all the easier. We are sharing the list of the main features of below:

  1. Comes with the feature of drag and drop with the help of which you can create landing pages easily.
  2. You can also create potential funnels and send it to the customers to the right product and then follow up with them after they buy the product.
  3. With the help of best landing page builder you can also send follow up SMS messages and emails to your customers.
  4. Clickfunnels is also known to provide its users with a login and memberships on the site.
  5. With the help of clickfunnels, you can also create and design forms in order to get all the necessary information that you want.

So, these are the main salient features that of clickfunnels to its users. You can avail all of these features if you start using this sales funnel builder for your online business.

Clickfunnels pricing

Clickfunnels provides its users with two packages. Here are the details of the package.

  1. $96 per month: This particular package  includes 20k monthly visits, 100 pages, 3 domains, 20 funnels along with core features.
  2. $297 per month: This particular package includes unlimited visits, pages domains, email list tools along with actionetics and backpack applications and priority support. This package has a name “Etison suite.”

So, these are the two main plants or packages that  clickfunnels provides to its customers. It is completely up to the requirements of the user that which plan he wants to go for.

Benefits of clickfunnels

Users can actually avail a lot of benefits from the use of clickfunnels for their online business. This is one of the main reasons that  is so popular among the users. Having said that now let us look into the main benefits that  provides to its users.

  1. Clickfunnels is a very popular sales funnel tool that millions of users use worldwide for their online businesses. With the help of clickfunnels one can easily, simply the marketing and the sales funnels for all types of online businesses out there. Clickfunnels provides its users with a variety of sales funnels which to organize and design in order to attract their customers or target clients. Like for example, there are sales funnels for membership sites, webinars, and sales and also to the subscriber list. The main thing about these various funnels is that they are quite different in their features from each other. But the best thing is that clickfunnels is suitable for all types business funnels that you may require.
  2. Clickfunnels is also known to provide their customers with a wide variety of pre-built funnels for sales. So basically all the user needs to do is select any of the funnels that best suit their needs. The user needs to select a funnel that best match with their business requirements. For example, peddling an e-book and selling a subscription may be very much similar in terms of sale, but in spite of their similarity, it should be handled differently. This is where the need for Clickfunnels comes into the picture. With the help of clickfunnels you can save both your time and effort and thus, start organizing your funnels for sales right from the scratch. This will help you to speedup your set-up of sales funnels.
  3. Once you have chosen your sales to funnel you will need a template. But with Clickfunnels you need not worry about any such thing as it provides its customers with a variety of templates and all of them are tested to work. With the help of these templates in your hand, you can easily accelerate you’re a/B testing phase with the aid of Clickfunnels. This basically saves you from the trauma of weeding out templates that may not perform properly.
  4. Clickfunnels is also known to have a very user-friendly interface and that is what attracts most of the users to use it. With the help of this, you can easily integrate animation, videos, clocks, and various other elements into your templates after which you can perform your A/B testing phase on them and check what works and what it doesn’t. You don’t have to deal with any complications when you have Clickfunnels along with you.

So, these are some of the main benefits that you can avail from the use of Clickfunnels. This is ultimate sales funnel tool with the help of which you can run your online business and also increase your sales by turning the potential leads into your customers.



Drawbacks of Clickfunnels

After going through the various benefits let us now look into a few of the drawbacks that Clickfunnels have. Just like any other program or tool even clickfunnel has a few disadvantages. Some of the cons of clickfunnels are as follows:

  1. The prices  are a bit on the expensive side which can be a problem for the small business owners. However, one should keep in mind that it is a flourish online business tool and thus, you will be able to eliminate other extra costs that you may have to spare if, you don’t choose clickfunnels.
  2. The fact that clickfunnels comes with several features it may require your training in order to learn to use it. But that shouldn’t be a problem as they provide you with the necessary training that you require in order to handle best landing page builder.
  3. Another main problem that you may face is that it gives a limited number of funnels on basic plans. However, the limit is great though, you don’t have to worry about it much.

So these are some of the problems that you may have to face but otherwise, it is completely fine. So if you are willing to adjust to these minor issues, then you can use Clickfunnels with no problem. After all the features that Clickfunnels provides, all these minor issues shouldn’t bother you a lot.

Clickfunnels Page Design

After going through the benefits and drawbacks about Clickfunnels now let’s look into the page design of click funnel.

One of the best things about clickfunnels is that it provides you with a great and easy page creating option. Clickfunnels provides its users with a number of pre-made templates for you to use. This is basically known to make your whole task all the easier. With the help of these premade templates, you can easily start with the set-up of your pages and that too within minutes. Even if you do not have much knowledge about this you can still use it because it’s that easy. Not only that, but they also have a marketplace where you can get both paid and free templates for your use. These templates are basically available for other users. Clickfunnels provides a hoard of free templates to its users so you don’t have to worry about that.

If you are making use of Clickfunnels then you can easily get all the benefits from it and especially the page design, feature which is one of the best features about it and that is why it is worth mentioning.

We can state that Clickfunnels is  most effective online sales funnel program that can help you run your online business smoothly. This particular program is mainly built for users who want to increase their online sales and turn potential leads into customers. So if own an online business, then you can surely use Clickfunnels for your business.



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